Geneva Park Featured in CHL by Anna Slowey

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This month's issue of Colorado Homes and Lifestyles features a spread on Geneva Park and highlights the site, team, and design process that brought the project to life. 

With a vision of 'stumbling upon a country farmhouse,' right in the middle of Boulder, the homeowners and project team wanted to bring forward some of those details and capitalize on the wooded lot conducive to this stumbling with its long driveway off the street and around a bend, leading to a house hidden among the trees.

A marriage of the couple's two styles, contemporary oversized glazing and huge operable glass walls bring the light, air, and views into the home, while more traditional forms and detailing can be found in the high pitched gable roofs and crisp white siding. Protecting the large exterior trees and forming a "magical landscape" that shelters the home as the topography and giant boulder climb toward the rear became a pivotal feature in both the design and in capitalizing in treehouse views out towards the surrounding wooded lot.

Surround Architecture - Geneva Park
Surround Architecture - Geneva Park - Entry
Surround Architecture - Geneva Park - Hearth



Moose Lodge in 5280 Home Magazine by Anna Slowey

If you pick up a copy of this season's 5280 Home magazine, you'll find the kid's bunk room of Moose Lodge featured in the family living issue. A great little write up and feature can be found on this cozy space that aims to mimic the "dappled light of the snow gum forests" of the regional Victorian Alps.

Half of the fun of ski trips is staying up late with your mates and getting up early to hit the slopes
— Dale Hubbard
Photo by Charlie Brown

Photo by Charlie Brown

Princess Trail in Luxe Magazine by Anna Slowey

Princess Trail // Photo by Emily Minton Redfield for Luxe Magazine

Princess Trail // Photo by Emily Minton Redfield for Luxe Magazine

Happy Friday! Although a bit belated, we wanted to share a few of the beautiful shots taken by photographer Emily Minton Redfield for the 2015 Spring Issue of Luxe magazine. 

Click here for a link to the article which includes interviews with Surround's Dale Hubbard as well as the owners of Princess Trail. 

Click here for more Princess Trail photos.

Thank you Emily! 

Old North in 5280 Home Magazine by Anna Slowey

Living large with less in a light-filled Boulder home

Old North found herself on the cover of the Spring 2016 issue of 5280 Home Magazine. Click here to read a great article by Sarah Goldblatt.  For additional photos of the project, click into the Surround Old North portfolio page here.

With humble beginnings as a well-loved 1958 brick ranch home complete with "unfortunate shades of Pepto-Bismol pink and avocado green..." our team reset the disjoined floor plan and brought a fresh interpretation of the classic ranch through clean lines, modern materials, and unexpected moments of beautiful simplicity.



Folly Farm in Architectural Digest by Anna Slowey

If you're picking up a copy of this next month's February issue of Architectural Digest you may spy Folly Farm featured within it's pages. We love this quote by the owner....

A house becomes a masterpiece only after a series of tweaking. Keeping the palette monotone with simple additives of wood and metal lends itself to our changing design moods...
— Kristi Smith

Febrtary 2016 Issue

For a video tour of this project and insight by our team and the owners, be sure to check out the two part Best in Show feature of Folly Farm by Marvin. 

Anthem Branding in Modern in Denver by Anna Slowey

Photos by Daniel O'Connor and Dale Hubbard

Photos by Daniel O'Connor and Dale Hubbard

There’s a new beacon on Broadway and our Anthem Branding headquarters is getting some love in Modern in Denver’s Summer Issue as well as on Office Snapshots!

Designed “as a lantern on Broadway,” three stories of glass, steel, and concrete house the growing design and advertising agency where they can collaborate, work, and find inspiration. Modern and industrial raw materials are complemented by organic touches of reclaimed boxcar maple, a zen garden, and sweeping views of the Flatirons. Not only does the floor-to-ceiling glass provide the staff with spectacular views, but night illuminates the building for glimpses into their (primarily open) spaces.


In Modern in Denver, Charlie Keaton writes,

Natural light dominates; the surrounding beauty of Boulder overwhelms. “We always talked about the idea that the architecture becomes the interiors,” says Hubbard. It’s an inside-out building. That’s an approach that was always fundamental to our design process.”

The effect of creating a building this way is two-fold. From practically any desk on any floor, panoramic views of the Flatirons abound. it is the very antithesis of walled-in cubicle life. The impact, however, is equally striking from the exterior, where passersby get an unfettered glimpse of Anthem’s inner sanctum. As day turns into night, the glass box shines brightly amid a string of more traditional office structures. “We wanted to have this regarded as a lantern on Broadway,” said Hubbard. “Boulder is basically built mostly out of red brick and is made to look like a frontier town by nature of the planning process that most structures go through. We didn’t hold back on glass, which was a big move in my mind.”

Pick up a copy of Modern in Denver’s Summer 2015 issue for a great write up on Anthem’s success story.

Photos by Daniel O’Connor and Dale Hubbard; Article in Modern in Denver written by Charlie Keaton

More photos from the article: