207 Canyon - Build by Anna Slowey

207 Canyon - Before (Left) and After (Right) Tenant Improvements

207 Canyon - Before (Left) and After (Right) Tenant Improvements

Last year we began commercial tenant improvements for the exterior and interiors of 207 Canyon, an office complex built in the 1970s. Updated glazing, mechanical systems, exterior/interior material palettes, spacial improvements, and exposing the trusses at the interior made for a huge improvement to the pistachio-hued structure. 

Below we've included a few snapshots of the progress as we're nearing completion with landscape and springtime plants going in at the front courtyard this week.


Updated with new windows, doors, a custom steel shade trellis (below), and steel panel cladding, the front entrance is given visual definition. The courtyard is currently being landscaped which will be outfitted for outdoor working spaces

Custom steel entry trellis

Custom steel entry trellis


Above are the interiors for an outdoor outfitters office space. Look closely for the wall being readied for climbing holds. Murals of local outdoor destinations accent the interiors of this space. A low plate height and dropped acoustical tiles of the original building resulted in the interior space feeling compressed and small. By removing these, exposing and painting these trusses white, natural daylight floods the ceiling and allows the space to feel much more comfortable. 


Feature wall at the reception awaiting a paint job.


A mockup for custom fabricated wood floor tiles salvaged from the timbers of a demolished deck structure onsite.

Cairn - Rendering by Anna Slowey

"Cairn" - Rendering

"Cairn" - Rendering

Happy Friday! We're kicking off a new project we call "Cairn." The two primary structures sit on this exquisite site to frame out the views up and along the foothills to the west. Both main living spaces and bedrooms turn inward towards the landscape and the courtyard this layout creates. Opening up to the hill rising in back, huge operable doors and high clerestory glazing allows views from the base which criss crosses with running and hiking trails all the way up to the tree lined hilltop. 

If you follow us on Instagram, follow Cairn's progress at our project hashtag #sa_cairn.

Meadow - Rendering by Anna Slowey

"Meadow" - Rendering

"Meadow" - Rendering

We're kicking off a new project we call "Meadow"...rendered above. Relatively simple in form, two stone gables meet via a glass connector while more intimate public spaces such as the library and dining room sit lower into the landscape as wood-clad boxes  at the front side (opposite) of the house. This home opens up into the back courtyard and pool seen here through huge operable glass doors. Keep up with the progress of this home on Facebook and Instagram by way of the project hashtag #sa_meadow. Click into the project folder here for the full rendering. 

Selva Mar Horse Barn - Completion by Anna Slowey

Selva Mar (Top) and Selva Mar Horse Barn Construction in Progress (Bottom)

Selva Mar (Top) and Selva Mar Horse Barn Construction in Progress (Bottom)

Following the completion of the Costa Rican Selva Mar house by a few years, a barn was recently completed to provide shade and housing for the horses. Borrowing from the roof form and materials used on the home, the horse barn is comprised of corteza (ipe), steel, and a metal roof. We've included a few snapshots of the build and final barn structure below. Click into the main house project here


View Point - Rendering by Anna Slowey

View Point - Rendering

View Point - Rendering

We're kicking off a new project we call "View Point." We work with a lot of gorgeous sites in and around Boulder, but View Point may be one of our new favorites. Below are some earlier facade and material studies as we diagram and tie in surrounding views and site conditions. 

High Line - Rendering by Anna Slowey

High Line - Rendering

High Line - Rendering

We're kicking off one of our newest residential projects we call "High Line." Located in Denver, this single level home creates the ultimate indoor-outdoor experience and celebrates exposed structure. Check back for more progress on Instagram as we're excited to get a hole in the ground soon. 

Collegiate Peaks Bank - Rendering by Anna Slowey

Rendering of Collegiate Peaks Bank in RiNo, Denver

Rendering of Collegiate Peaks Bank in RiNo, Denver

We are excited to announce our new project with Collegiate Peaks Bank in RiNo, Denver. Comprised of dark masonry, steel, glass, and cross laminated timbers, this commercial project embraces structure as finish and the balance of lightness/transparency vs. solid/security. The large glass volume houses the public spaces and sculptural stair within. As the structural cross laminated timbers fold up and over, it acts as the warm finish within while supporting the folding roofing above. Formally, the bank is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional portal framed industrial building.

Aittin - Completion by Anna Slowey

"Aittin" - Rendering

"Aittin" - Rendering

This summer we wrapped up our residence "Aittin." We have finally made our way through editing photos and are excited to post the project here on our site. This home is uniquely situated over a little creek with wonderful mature foliage and views of the foothills out the back. Click into any of the photos for the full set of images.

Sunset - Rendering by Anna Slowey



We've been fine tuning the landscape, exterior materials, and interior finishes of Sunset. Working with Marpa Landscape, the approach of the house is shaped by steel and stone sitewalls that form a courtyard housing niwaki trees. As seen in the rendering, these elegantly sculpted trees are larger, planted (not potted), and more sculpted than their bonsai counterparts.

Chickadee - Timelapse by Anna Slowey

Chickadee's making great progress, from rendering to the deconstruction of the existing home, to the build of the new simple gabled structure. A breezeway connects the main living spaces to the garage.

Watch both timelapse videos of the deconstruct and breezeway glass install below:

Designed by Surround Architecture, built by Morningstar Homes

Bierhaus - Rendering by Anna Slowey

Bierhaus - Rendering

Bierhaus - Rendering

We're excited to introduce one of our new residential projects....Bierhaus! The close proximity to some of Boulder's most trafficked hiking destinations provides the challenge of embracing the immediate view of the foothills as well as creating privacy from the foot traffic of the hillside. 

The form--as shown in our rendering above--is the result of this balance and specific orientation of views. Reinforcing that orientation is the metal roofing that wraps down from the gabled slope to create the walls below.

Keep an eye out for progress shots of Bierhaus as we are eager to break ground.

Woodbourne - Completion by Anna Slowey

One of our recently completed projects includes the commercial tenant improvement for Woodbourne -- a capital management company here in Boulder, Colorado. Their office space is located within the upper level penthouse of Boulder's only high rise office building. Built in 1955, the historic building was landmarked during the renovation process. 

Short floor to ceiling height provided the challenge to fit all required systems (ie heating, cooling, ventilation, fire sprinkler, lighting, electrical, fire alarms) while still maintaining a comfortable clear ceiling height. Responding to this challenge, our team designed and utilized a wood slat dropped ceiling over the main working spaces made of reclaimed wood from packing crates. Pendants playfully pop through the slat ceiling in a manner that responds to the organic serpentine edge of the slat ceiling as well as the black basalt to carpet transition below.

In addition to creating a warm textural element above, we incorporated honed limestone at feature walls such as the entry, black basalt floor,  and white oak flooring to bring softness and comforta to this space dominated by glass and mechanical systems. Custom walnut clad steel filing cabinets with waterfall black granite tops serve to separate circulation from working spaces.

Additionally, the layout and orientation celebrates the outdoor rooftop patio that fully steps into the sweeping views of Boulder and the Flatirons that begins as a horizontal ribbon within the space.

Included are a few shots of Woodbourne below--for the rest of the set, click into our portfolio page here

Moose Lodge in 5280 Home Magazine by Anna Slowey

If you pick up a copy of this season's 5280 Home magazine, you'll find the kid's bunk room of Moose Lodge featured in the family living issue. A great little write up and feature can be found on this cozy space that aims to mimic the "dappled light of the snow gum forests" of the regional Victorian Alps.

Half of the fun of ski trips is staying up late with your mates and getting up early to hit the slopes
— Dale Hubbard
Photo by Charlie Brown

Photo by Charlie Brown

Larkspur - Completion by Anna Slowey

It's the weekend! Despite the drizzly overcast weather, we were able to shoot one of our newest homes "Larkspur" in near perfect sunset and sky conditions. The full set of photos is now up on the portfolio page here.

Located outside of Denver, this neighborhood's ordinance enforced a strict height limit which prescribed a single story home for this family and their lawn-active children (you may find some hints in the photos of some soccer fans). Getting creative with our roof forms, we took the opportunity to highlight the majority of the main spaces...gathering room, kitchen, and master bedroom...with vaulted ceilings and exposed beams and trusses delineating the clear diagram of structure.  The human scale, love of detail, and embrace of the indoor/outdoor lifestyle in operable glass doors result in a beautifully articulated and circulated space awash with daylight.

Ozo Coffee - Completion by Anna Slowey

Ozo Coffee's new location at Village at the Peaks in Longmont

Ozo Coffee's new location at Village at the Peaks in Longmont

Happy Friday! Looking for your Saturday morning coffee spot? Be sure to check out Ozo Coffee's new location in Longmont. We recently completed the interiors of Ozo's new coffee spot and had a blast utilizing their clever glyph system as well as their actual coffee bean bags into the visual and acoustical design of the 30' tall space. A curving steel mezzanine above provides ample seating for watching the action at the barista bar below. Click here for the full set of photos

Animal House - Completion by Anna Slowey

"Animal House"..... a home for horses, alpacas, goats, ghosts and goblins... is one of our favorite projects to share and update. Back in March we shared the age old roof thatching process of the apse of the barn and last November we shared the materials and sketches that make up "Animal House." 

Inspired by olde world rural whimsy, this barn located in rural Colorado not only houses animals, but a massive lichen-covered stone fireplace and hearth that ambles its way up to the sky. Now that the animals have moved in, we were excited to shoot the space being loved by fuzzy alpacas, watchful barn cats and frolicking donkeys and dogs.

Scroll down for a few photos of our shoot and click into our portfolio of Animal House for the full set. 

Ivy League - Completion by Anna Slowey

We just wrapped up photographing our newly completed Denver residence we call "Ivy League." All the natural daylight and our client's furniture/art selections (many of them her own pieces!) made this project a blast to shoot. Comprised of glass, stone, blued steel, reclaimed cedar, and white painted siding, Ivy League is a wink at the modern farmhouse. A massive operable glass door system opens up the living spaces to the landscaped courtyard sheltered from the street. 

A few shots are below... for the full set, check out the new portfolio page for Ivy League

2021 - Completion by Anna Slowey

2021 - an updated turn of the century Victorian with the new modern addition beyond.

2021 - an updated turn of the century Victorian with the new modern addition beyond.

Back in January, we introduced our 2021 project--an urban infill project consisting of an existing turn of the century Victorian home that had previously been given the 90's pop top makeover in the form of a "witch's hat." Having been used as a vertically stacked duplex for years, we began our transformation by updating the exterior forms and simplifying the massing...which meant the "witch's hat" had to go. For the existing photos and renderings, read the blog post here.

Replacing the "witch's hat" with a clean gable on the second floor provides spectacular views to Bear Peak. Gutting the interior and returning it to a single family home resulted in a gracious open floor plan with modern amenities. A modern steel staircase with butcher block treads provides a visual and physical connection to the second story of the Victorian. 

Zoned for multiple lots, a new structure was dropped into the adjacent yard. This new three bedroom unit with a third floor office and roof deck/kitchen with sweeping views of the Flatirons functions as the white Victorian's modern counterpart clad in sleek black stained rainscreen. A stair tower with 20' of glazing houses a modern steel and oak spiral staircase up to the rooftop deck.

For additional photos, visit our portfolio page here


Princess Trail in Luxe Magazine by Anna Slowey

Princess Trail // Photo by Emily Minton Redfield for Luxe Magazine

Princess Trail // Photo by Emily Minton Redfield for Luxe Magazine

Happy Friday! Although a bit belated, we wanted to share a few of the beautiful shots taken by photographer Emily Minton Redfield for the 2015 Spring Issue of Luxe magazine. 

Click here for a link to the article which includes interviews with Surround's Dale Hubbard as well as the owners of Princess Trail. 

Click here for more Princess Trail photos.

Thank you Emily! 

Cherry Creek - Completion by Anna Slowey

Cherry Creek Residence

Cherry Creek Residence

Back in late 2014, we introduced the ground breaking of our Cherry Creek residence located in the heart of restaurant and boutique shop paradise. We photographed the residence this week and are excited to share the embodiment of indoor-outdoor living spaces of Cherry Creek  on our portfolio page

Responding to the surrounding urban environment and adjacency to the Ross Cherry Creek Public Library, the project required a unique siting and massing approach to create a private courtyard retreat. The open floor plan is ideal for entertaining and family events as the interior gathering spaces, courtyard and pool are united through four glass garage doors and large expanses of moving glass doors and windows.