207 Canyon - Build / by Anna Slowey

207 Canyon - Before (Left) and After (Right) Tenant Improvements

207 Canyon - Before (Left) and After (Right) Tenant Improvements

Last year we began commercial tenant improvements for the exterior and interiors of 207 Canyon, an office complex built in the 1970s. Updated glazing, mechanical systems, exterior/interior material palettes, spacial improvements, and exposing the trusses at the interior made for a huge improvement to the pistachio-hued structure. 

Below we've included a few snapshots of the progress as we're nearing completion with landscape and springtime plants going in at the front courtyard this week.


Updated with new windows, doors, a custom steel shade trellis (below), and steel panel cladding, the front entrance is given visual definition. The courtyard is currently being landscaped which will be outfitted for outdoor working spaces

Custom steel entry trellis

Custom steel entry trellis


Above are the interiors for an outdoor outfitters office space. Look closely for the wall being readied for climbing holds. Murals of local outdoor destinations accent the interiors of this space. A low plate height and dropped acoustical tiles of the original building resulted in the interior space feeling compressed and small. By removing these, exposing and painting these trusses white, natural daylight floods the ceiling and allows the space to feel much more comfortable. 


Feature wall at the reception awaiting a paint job.


A mockup for custom fabricated wood floor tiles salvaged from the timbers of a demolished deck structure onsite.