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Luxe Magazine - Colorado - Nov 2018 - Surround Architecture

calcaire in luxe colorado

A New Generation” by Mindy Pantiel & Photos by David Patterson // Nov 2018

Drawing inspiration from the approachable aspects of the original midcentury rancher — the strong connection to the outdoors and an emphasis on casual gathering— the resulting home is grander and also more permeable as the living room (sited in the same location as the original) features a 40-foot wide sliding glass door. Plush textiles, organic forms in the furniture and hand blown glass light fixtures, and a meandering landscaped stream balance the strong steel and timber framed form of the home.

The lighting in the entry is like having stars indoors…the Hawthorne trees provide a safe haven for small birds and, come spring, the blossom from those [65] crabapple trees come right inside…

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Modern in Denver - Fall 2018 - Surround Architecture

collegiate peaks bank rino in modern in denver

Vested Interest” by Sean O’Keefe & Photos by James Florio // Fall 2018

The client wanted their building in the RiNo district to carry forward the neighborhood’s industrial character…Collegiate Peaks saw an opportunity to respect the visual stability and sense of permanence that are fundamental to banking while embracing the neighborhood’s dynamic optimism.

Embracing place and purpose, the bank design blends “refined natural materials and an angular industrial attitude” as the bank’s north wall and demi-arch roof line incorporate CLTs (cross laminated timber) and structural steel in search of an iconic presence. Taking inspiration from the neighborhood’s bow-truss warehouse building of years gone by, the white painted steel wall and roof line arcs over a glass box with materials flowing from exterior to interior.

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CHL Colorado Homes and Lifestyles - May 2018

geneva park in colorado homes & lifestyles

"Right in Town Deep In the Country" by Elizabeth Garnsey // May 2018

Hubbard's previous work on 19th-century farm structures that once abounded north and east of Boulder inspired his modern-farmhouse vision. "I wanted to bring forward some of those details and capitalize on the idea of 'stumbling upon a country farmhouse,' right here in the middle of Boulder," he says. The lot was conducive to this stumbling, with its long driveway off the street and around a bend, leading to a house hidden among the trees.

A marriage of the couple's two styles, contemporary oversized glazing and huge operable glass walls bring the light, air, and views into the home, while more traditional forms and detailing can be found in the high pitched gable roofs and crisp white siding. Protecting the large exterior trees and forming a "magical landscape" that shelters the home as the topography and giant boulder climb toward the rear became a pivotal feature in both the design and in capitalizing in treehouse views out towards the surrounding wooded lot.

Check out the full article within the May 2018 issue here and our portfolio page of Geneva park here.

5280 Home - May-April 2018


"Open House" by Caroline Eberly Long & Photos by David Lauer (with styling by Kerri Cole) // Spring 2018

[Principal Architect Dale Hubbard and Project Architect Kim Cattau] worked with the high-energy family of five who lives here to create a foolproof floor plan that accommodates modern family life in it's many forms... Though the layout is designed to multitask, the home's interior finishes are beautifully focused. "The couple used a great word that we love to hear as architects and designers, and that's contrast," Hubbard says. "This theme brings a devout simplicity to the home." Dark doors, windows, and floors pop against crisp white walls. Black steel tension rods help define airy vaulted ceilings. These finishes, neither too traditional nor too stark, set the stage for the homeowners' collection of neutral casual furnishings chosen for their ability to stand up to everyday life.

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5280 Home - Walnut Renovation - Surround Architecture

walnut renovation in 5280 home

"The 5280 Home Guide to Kitchen Remodels" by Amanda Faison & Photos by Emily M Redfield // Summer 2017

This 1920s home near Boulder’s Pearl Street has been given new life. A gut and remodel turned a honeycomb of rooms into a wide-open living area suited to a young family. At the center of this space is the kitchen, which champions the home’s century-old craftsmanship (exposed brick, graceful molding above the windows and doors, and original hardwood floors) while embracing the new (minimalist cabinets, open shelving, and new fixtures and appliances). “Old structures take modern touches in stride,” Hubbard says.

CHL - Spring 2017 - Ivy League - Surround Architecture

ivy league in colorado homes & lifestyles

"Present + Future Perfect" by Rebecca Gart & Photos by Kimberly Gavin // Spring 2017

The design is reminiscent of farm structures around the country that were often built piecemeal, starting with an original stone farmhouse, and as children came along, they would expand and build out with wood siding instead of stone.

The homeowners and architectural team worked in sync on interior details, moving through the architecture and interior design simultaneously. Hubbard says, "We think not only about design programming details early on but what the interior is going to look like as well.

Check out our portfolio page of Ivy League here

Luxe Colorado - Spring 2012 - Cover - Folly Farm

folly farm in luxe COLORADO

"Barn Raising" by Mindy Pantiel & Photos by Emily Minton Redfield // Spring 2012

Drawing on the additive nature of agricultural architecture, this Boulder residence was conceived as a series of buildings that grew together over time, blending comtemporary, rustic, and industrial elements for this "modern barn." Responding to the owner's declared love of "single-story houses that ramble and keep you guessing about what's around the corner," this meandering ranch home features a sunken living room at its core that is flanked by the kitchen and dining room with a small conversation space and fireplace on the other. 

"Instead of a large fireplace as a centerpiece, the room within a room harkens back to the intimacy of the hearth room...larger living areas are vaulted with exposed beams and rafters while sleeping quarters have lower ceilings and are smaller in space."

Check out the full Luxe article here and our portfolio page of Folly Farm here.


Moose Lodge in 5280 

"An Envy Inducing Alpine Bunk Room" by July Dugdale & Photos by Charlie Brown // Autumn 2016

Our inner 10-year-old can’t imagine a cooler place to have a sleepover than this custom, wood-slat bunk room by architect Dale Hubbard of Boulder’s Surround Architecture. He designed the ultracozy space for his client (and brother) to mimic the “dappled light of the snow gum forests” of the Victorian Alps, where the house is located. “Half of the fun of ski trips is staying up late with your mates and getting up early to hit the slopes,” Hubbard says—even if you’re still on the bunny hill.

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Modern in Denver - Spring 2016 - Cover - Surround Architecture

surround architecture firm feature in modern in denver

"Balance / Detail / Feeling" by Charlie Keaton & Photos by Dale Hubbard // Spring 2016

A granular attention to detail provides beneficial for single-family housing, multi-family units, and commercial projects that take on warm, open, light filled residential sensibilities. The team collaborates daily within the bleeding edge BIM software Revit, a "decidedly new school approach"... [while] the powerful and raw process of creating, thinking, sketching, and talking one-on-one tried and true and equally present.

More than the simple interplay between residential and commercial projects, however, true balance comes from a deeper commitment to complementary ideals...His staff is a heterogeneous mix of ages, backgrounds, and expertise...But don’t mistake the casual atmosphere for a lackadaisical approach. By eschewing a more traditional pyramid-shaped hierarchy and implementing what he calls a “guerrilla warfare” structure, Hubbard sets high standards for even his greenest designers. “I’ve always felt it’s important to drive the ability to make decisions down deep into the firm, allow people to get the answers they need, and implement the things they need by themselves,” he said. “I would never hire anyone I wouldn’t feel comfortable putting in front of our most aggressive client.”

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5280 Home - Spring 2016 cover.jpg

old north in 5280 HOME

"A Gathering Place" by Sarah Goldblatt & Photos by David Lauer // Spring 2016

Living large with less in a light-filled home in Boulder. Awash with "unfortunate shades of Pepto-Bismol pink and avocado green," this 1958 brick ranch was given an unexpectedly hip update with an efficient floor plan, updated materials, forms, and fixtures.

"My clients already had a great design sensibility...and they live a 'less is more' lifestyle, so we knew we could generate an efficient floor plan that would result in a great place for them to live and entertain...The open and layered plan minimized circulation paths. Each room naturally unfolds into the next, while varied ceiling heights help make the house feel bigger."

To remedy the existing L-shaped floor plan which entered directly upon the living room and wedged the kitchen away, the owners and Surround decided to remove the roof and all interior walls for a fresh reset. The kitchen was to become "the heart of the house, a gathering space for friends and family," while the previously low ceilings were vaulted with exposed scissor trusses, simultaneously allowing for an unexpected view of the Flatirons. Full height sliding glass doors floor the new space with light and connect the home to an intimate backyard. The update follows it's way to the exterior where the existing brick was painted with washes of white, the additions clad in Wyoming snow fence, and a new breeze steel and wood covered entry porch welcomes visitors to the home.

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Luxe - Cover - Big Alpine - Surround Architecture

big alpine in luxe COLORADO

"Storybook Ending" by Laura Mauk & Photos by Emily Minton Redfield // Fall 2015

"One thing we told Dale was that we love the feel of old castles." Responding to that visual sense of permanence, Hubbard conceive a sculptural home with a modernist collection of geometric forms clad with blued-steel rainscreen, Kansas limestone and tight-knot cedar.... "The stone and metal create a boundary and defend against prevailing winds from the north [wheras] on the rear or south side of the home, the indoors and the outdoors become one. When the NanaWall is open, you don't really know whether you're inside or out. It's seamless."

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Modern in Denver - Anthem Branding - Surround Architecture

Anthem Branding in Modern in Denver

"A Lantern on Broadway" by Charlie Keaton & Photos by Daniel O'Connor // Summer 2015

Back in 2012, Anthem Branding was bursting at the seams of its tiny A-frame headquarters. Enter Surround Architecture when the co-founders Ted Church and Pete Burhop decided to take on the a custom-designed building to comfortably house their rapidly multiplying staff and "provide enough aesthetic beauty to properly represent a company whose very essence is built around branding and imagery."

The end result is an elegant, inviting blend of clean lines and breathable spaces. The materials are raw and simple, with a heavy emphasis on glass and steel. This industrial flavor is punctuated by subtle organic touches. Natural light dominates; the surrounding beauty of Boulder overwhelms. “We always talked about the idea that the architecture becomes the interiors,” said Hubbard. “It’s an inside-out building. That’s an approach that was always fundamental to our design process.”

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Luxe Magazine- Cover - Princess-Trail - Surround Architecture

Princess Trail in Luxe COLORADO

"Balanced Living" by Mindy Pantiel & Photos by Emily Minton Redfield // Spring 2015

Considered the "jewel" in Boulder's historic crown," this new home in the Mapleton Historic District had to tread lighting and purposefully moving forward. Although the area is dominated by stately Victorians and grand brick estates, Princess Trail "wanted to pay reverence to a certain typology, but rather than a high Victorian we opted for an interpretation of the more demure mining structures that were prevalent in this area years ago." Incorporating an existing foundation and original freestanding garage, "the house almost deconstructs from front to back."

"We treat every new staircase as an exciting design element and distinct vertical space...It's not just about how you go up and down; it's what you see along the way that's important."

Click into the Luxe article here and check out our portfolio page of Princess Trail here

Alpine Style - Nov 2008 Cover - Mooselodge.jpg


"Colorado Connection" by Jim Darby & Photos by Matt Darby // Nov 2008

A modern mountain house in the Australian Alps explores a new vernacular and environment set within massive snow gum trees in Dinner Plain, Victoria. 

5280 Home - Fall 2013 - Cover - Little Alpine - Surround Architecture

little alpine in 5280 home

"Ranch Revival" by Sarah Goldblatt // Autumn 2013

"Postwar ranches like the Radas' were built for a certain family structure and lifestyle...by design they were simply structures. All the space is there; it just needs to be reimagined and updated"

The 'Little Alpine' residential remodel is featured as a 1950s-era red brick ranch whose owners were "eager to update the house without 'squashing the mid-mod charm.'" The project features an operable glass garage door along the north wall of the kitchen that "floods the room with natural light and opens to an outdoor living room." 

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5280 Magazine - Jan 2012.jpg

TDA office IN 5280 MAGAZINE

"Office Space" by Julie Dugdale // January 2012

How do you transform a tired ’70s-vintage law office into a creative haven? TDA_Boulder advertising (the imaginative force behind ad campaigns for consumer favorites like Chipotle, FirstBank, Izze, and Celestial Seasonings) turned to Boulder-based Surround Architecture and TreeLine Homes for its innovative new office in downtown Boulder. TDA’s multilevel, open floor plan incorporates reclaimed materials—like the exquisite glass salvaged from an aging Frank Lloyd Wright synagogue in Pennsylvania (who knew?)—for a complete metamorphosis. If having the handiwork of a master around you every day isn’t enough to keep the creative karma flowing, we’re not sure what is.