Anthem Branding

Anthem Branding in Modern in Denver by Anna Slowey

Photos by Daniel O'Connor and Dale Hubbard

Photos by Daniel O'Connor and Dale Hubbard

There’s a new beacon on Broadway and our Anthem Branding headquarters is getting some love in Modern in Denver’s Summer Issue as well as on Office Snapshots!

Designed “as a lantern on Broadway,” three stories of glass, steel, and concrete house the growing design and advertising agency where they can collaborate, work, and find inspiration. Modern and industrial raw materials are complemented by organic touches of reclaimed boxcar maple, a zen garden, and sweeping views of the Flatirons. Not only does the floor-to-ceiling glass provide the staff with spectacular views, but night illuminates the building for glimpses into their (primarily open) spaces.


In Modern in Denver, Charlie Keaton writes,

Natural light dominates; the surrounding beauty of Boulder overwhelms. “We always talked about the idea that the architecture becomes the interiors,” says Hubbard. It’s an inside-out building. That’s an approach that was always fundamental to our design process.”

The effect of creating a building this way is two-fold. From practically any desk on any floor, panoramic views of the Flatirons abound. it is the very antithesis of walled-in cubicle life. The impact, however, is equally striking from the exterior, where passersby get an unfettered glimpse of Anthem’s inner sanctum. As day turns into night, the glass box shines brightly amid a string of more traditional office structures. “We wanted to have this regarded as a lantern on Broadway,” said Hubbard. “Boulder is basically built mostly out of red brick and is made to look like a frontier town by nature of the planning process that most structures go through. We didn’t hold back on glass, which was a big move in my mind.”

Pick up a copy of Modern in Denver’s Summer 2015 issue for a great write up on Anthem’s success story.

Photos by Daniel O’Connor and Dale Hubbard; Article in Modern in Denver written by Charlie Keaton

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Branding an Icon - Anthem Build by Anna Slowey

Under construction for several months now,  the new headquarters for Anthem Branding is beginning to resemble a finished building. The three story steel, glass and CMU structure occupies a front row space on Broadway in central Boulder. Situated across from the lively Community Plaza, the location is an ideal home for young, creative energy which fills the ranks at Anthem Branding. With expansive glass facades the views from within are inspiring and the design reflects Anthem Branding’s desire to compose a work space which speaks to their creativity. A spring completion date couldn’t be more fitting for this growing company to seed down in their new digs!